A picture is worth a thousand words...
A thousand picures though are not enough to enclose the beauty of Chania and furthermore the Chania prefecture.


The Venetian Harbor of Chania

The city of Chania of Chania is one of the most beatifules cities of Greece. The rich historical legacy of the city is being conserved throughout time and co-exists with the modern way of life, offering the visitor and the local inhabitants an exceptional atmosphere. Places one van visit are Nea-Chora with its beatiful beach and fish -taverns, Dikastiria with its impressive buldings. the city centre hosting parks, squares many stores and the beatiful market place. Furthermore the famous Old City of Chania, the most graphical place in Chania, emerging from the ruins of Ancient Kydonia.

A walk in the old Harbor in the night is a magic experience!
The Giali Tzamisi in the centre of the Harbor

Dominant spot in the Old City has the Venetian Harbor. Colours and buldings alternate in a time travel back to the past, making each step unique.The Venatian buldings host stores that provide almost everything to the visitor and are framed by the Nautical Museum, the breathtaking light house, the Giali Tzamisi mosque, many ancient buldings and the fortress of Firkas. Each one carries its own history and depicts the rich pasto of the city. All these attract thousands of tourists and locals that throng the harbor, exploiting the numerous options for entertainment and relaxation. In the centre of the city there is the cross-shaped Marketplace. built in1913 having as a model the market place in Marseille.

The Archeological museum of Chania
The Marketplace in the centre of the city

The quarters of the Old City of Chania, inside the walls, preserve their Venetian nobility. Small alleys made of tiles are surrounded by artictic renovated houses from various times in the past, offering a pleasant walk.

The Municipal Garden's Old Clocktower
The minaret remains from the years of the Turkish occupation
The Venetian, Turkish, traditional and modern architecture coexist in harmony in the beautiful Old City of Chania

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